Muscle Gain Macros & 
Meal Planning Program
What You'll Get:
  • The exact calorie and macronutrient targets you need to gain muscle (not fat), calculated by a real Beyond Macros coach, so you KNOW they're personalized!
  •  How to adjust macros based on training vs. rest days.
  •   A Personalized Meal Plan Template to help you know exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to hit your macros. 
  •   Personalized notes from your coach about the plan & other strategies to reach your goal based on your intake questionnaire.
  • Our in-depth and easy to follow "how-to" document teaches you exactly how to count your macros AND adjust your numbers based on your progress.
  •  EIGHT delicious meals that fit your macros. Plus some ideas to spice them up so you don't get bored. We even have vegan options!
  •  What to do when you hit your goal. That's right, once you've hit your muscle gain goal we teach you what's next so you don't start gaining fat.
  •  PLUS if you need a revision to your macros by day 30, just let us know!
All just $147
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Isa put on 6lbs of muscle (verified by DXA scan)

My struggles before Beyond Macros was to dial my macros, and figuring out what was the best fir for me. I wanted to to gain more muscle and also lose some fat so that really helped. 

I was doing macros calculations on my own but I wasn't hitting the sweet spot. I was counting, and
doing meal preps, and all of that but before but now I have it dialed in.

Another struggle is that I'm more of a stress eater so trying to identify what triggered me was really helpful, and now I could picture
going out in social situations

Jack got lean while adding lean muscle!

"The whole process has been nothing but top notch! Delivered more knowledge than I could have ever imagined. Stoked to keep taking it to the next level"
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