“If you were to tell me that I’d lose 20lbs eating rice daily, I wouldn’t believe it. Now it’s a lifestyle.”
Give us 2 weeks, and we’ll have you building sustainable fat loss habits that feel effortless and manageable… even if dieting has failed you more times than you can count. 
Do These Sound Like You? 
  • “I get my nutrition dialed in on a fat loss plan, and then as soon as I’m finished with the diet… BOOM! I gain all the weight back.”
  • “Every time I try to lose fat, my performance tanks. I bonk during a hard workout, feel groggy midday, and will snap a dude’s head off if they look at me sideways. This isn’t livin’...” 
  •  “I literally have no idea what a portion looks like, and those food tracking apps are confusing. They have so many options I never know which one to pick. Ugh!”
  •  “I have no clue how much to eat, when to eat it, and what I should be eating. #SOS”
  •  “I miss my life when I diet! #funhater #boiledchickensadness.”
  •  “I’m a macros ninja Monday through Friday. But when the weekend arrives… forget it! Every Monday feels like I hit the reset button.”
  •  “I’m embarrassed to admit what I eat. I don’t want to work with a coach because I feel judged. I’m hard enough on myself.”
  •  “There’s so much information out there, I don’t know what to believe. Should I eat low carb? High fat? Are grains bad? Is ketosis good? I have total analysis paralysis!” 

Chris lost 20 pounds, it’s become a lifestyle.

“The whole ‘weighing food thing’ was something I didn’t think I would do. I didn’t think it was a way to live my life, putting everything I eat on a scale. But I learned how to work it, and now that I’m on my 4th month and lost 20 pounds, it’s become a lifestyle. I don’t really even have to think of it. Beyond Macros started being easy by week 2, and then it was part of my life!”

-Chris C.
It’s no secret the fat loss world is a crowded, noisy space. There are more quick fixes, diet gimmicks, and fads than ever before… 
 ...making it more and more challenging to figure what you should eat to shed fat while maintaining all the glorious muscle and strength you built crushing hours upon hours in the gym.

No matter how compliant you are with a meal plan, and no matter how diligently you track your macros, the most crucial skill you need to learn to shed fat and keep it off while maintaining lean mass and peak performance levels is this: 

You MUST learn what works best for YOUR body and how to make micro-adjustments to your plan along the way to overcome plateaus---> OR your fat loss efforts won’t survive. 
And you’ll be back at ground zero. 

Or worse yet, you’ll end up gaining more weight than when you started, shaming yourself for every little slip-up (which leads to that downward spiral of EFF-IT-ALL and the inevitable towel throw-in).

If you’re not seeing the results you want from your dieting efforts, spending more and more time scouring the internet (or polling your workout buddies) looking for the next best thing is not the answer. 

If you want your body to thrive long-term with an easy-to-implement fat loss plan that feels like it’s part of your DNA, you must BUY-IN to a process catered to your specific lifestyle and goals. 


What works in an online article or on Instagram… or what works for five people at your gym probably isn’t the best solution for you. 

I know this because effective, sustainable fat loss nutrition plans have helped me not only become an athletic powerhouse but also have helped hundreds of my clients shed a ridiculous amount of fat (we’re talking 10-20 pounds of fat within a few months) while catapulting their energy and endurance to another level. 

In the past 10 years as a nutrition coach, I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of clients achieve lasting transformations whether their goal was to lose fat, build strength and muscle, improve performance (or all 3). 
But here's a dark secret...
All of them came to me after trying at least ONE or more dieting efforts that failed and left them frustrated and confused. 

I’m no stranger to what works and what doesn’t. Which is exactly why I want to help. I sat down and hashed out my most trusted resources to create a failproof system that shows you step-by-step how you can manage fat loss on your own... with a little coaching and guidance at the beginning from my team.

Because a comprehensive fat loss plan that makes complete sense is the difference between becoming a sexy beast with incredible physical prowess who ain’t afraid to wear short shorts all day everyday… and the primal shrill of frustration as you toss the scale in the trash AGAIN.
Fat Loss Macros & Meal Planning
Everything You Need To Reach and Maintain Your Fat Loss Goals Without Feeling Energy-Depleted or Food-Deprived - Guaranteed.
Macros and Meal Plan is the only online nutrition coaching plan that not only gives you customized macros to lose fat along with a supportive meal plan, but also gives you the exact tools and strategies you need to overcome plateaus, make adjustments, and truly understand what your body needs after you reach your fat loss target.
With this program, you will be able to…
  • Lose 0.5-1 pound of fat per week with a macros plan calculated by a Beyond Macros coaching expert so you can reach your fat loss goals without crash dieting or starvation.
  •  Learn how to adjust your own macros for training and non-training days so you can adapt your energy intake based on your needs rather than relying on a questionable method you found on the internet.
  • Eat from a personalized flexible meal plan with ample coaching notes, so you feel confident mapping out what you need to hit your daily macros, while never getting bored of the same foods.
  •  Implement coaching strategies based on your personal lifestyle and goals, which means you’ll hit your target like a rockstar since this is all about you, my friend.
  •  Learn exactly how to count and track your macros with an in-depth guide, so you feel confident knowing you are on the right path at all times… rather than feeling lost in the woods after dark without a compass.
  •  Know exactly what to do once you reach your goal, which means you finally get off that endless fat loss rollercoasters. Next steps are a crucial part of your success, and we’ve got your back!
  •  Learn how to fit treats and adult beverages into your life without screwing up your macros or giving into the :"eff-it" mentality.
  •  Feel like an unstoppable badass in and out of the gym. Never fear missing a lift due to low energy, crush all your WODs with style and grace…
... And rock out with your guns and buns out when the suns out!
 Yeah, you’ll feel sexy and confident as hell, and there’s no shame in showin’ it
And, hey, don’t feel like you get your plan and your coach vanishes into the ether like some creepy 1930’s movie vampire.
If you need help adjusting in the first 30 days, we’re here for you. And if you need support beyond this plan, we have additional coaching options.

Once we get you dialed in, you’ll be well on your way to the most accessible, most reliable, and most sustainable fat loss plan you’ve ever invested in.
Kristi Lost 20lbs and hit a 300lb Deadlift PR at 52 y/o!
What You Get When You Sign Up:
  •  The Exact Caloric and Macronutrient Targets you need to lose a healthy 0.5-1lbs per week, handcrafted by a certified Beyond Macros coach based on your body, lifestyle, and goals.
  •  A Personalized Meal Plan Template to help you know exactly what to eat to hit your macros with custom-selected foods based on your eating style, so you never have to guess what to eat.
  • Love Notes from your coach going over your plan with strategies, so you feel 100% confident and have full clarification on the next steps.
  •  Your Beyond Macros Guide that deep dives into the nitty-gritty of our coaching methods, so you understand how to manage your plan on your own.
  •  Kitchen-Tested and Mother-Approved Meals (8) that fit your macros plus ways to enhance the flavors. Vegan and Vegetarian options available.
  •  Know exactly what to do once you reach your goal, which means you finally get off that endless fat loss rollercoasters. Next steps are a crucial part of your success, and we’ve got your back!
But That’s Not All…
Sign Up Today & Get These Slick Bonuses:
  • Travel Packing & Snacking List.
  • Fret no more when you hit the road. These great travel packing and on-the-go snack ideas will curb cravings and keep you on plan around the globe. $50 value - FREE
  •   Healthy Sweet Tooth Satisfying Snack Ideas.
  • Curb cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth with our nutrient-dense, low sugar snack ideas.
     $50 value - FREE
  • Restaurant Ordering Resource.
  • Get the scoop on how to order out to minimize stress over choices and maximize nutritient intake and satiety. $50 value - FREE
  •  The Dumbbell Program Coach Jackie used to gain 1.5lbs muscle while dropping 8lbs fat! 
  • $150 values - FREE
  •  Invitation to our online community
  • Meet like minded Beyond Macros heroes on the same journey in our welcoming and safe community. Ask questions, find support, and build your tribe. (Priceless)
  Ready To Get Started? We Thought You’d Never Ask. 
You have helped me in so many ways! I have a completely new respect for nutrition and how big of a difference it makes! 
Melissa C.
Beyond Macros- thanks so much! You’ve been an amazing resource over the past year. Getting my macros calculated was the 🔥I needed to get my nutrition in check!
Andy T.
The "Beyond Confident" Guarantee
Your success is our #1 priority! Try Macros and Meal Planning for 60 days, risk-free. If for some reason you are not seeing progress within 30-days, you can request an adjustment to the plan. If you show us you've done the work and still haven't made progress by day 60, just email coaches@beyondmacros.com for a FULL refund.
Make Your Fat Loss Transformation that LASTS
How much coaching do I get with this plan?
Macros and Meal Planning provides an initial assessment and plan built for you by a Beyond Macros coach. We offer a 1-time revision within the first 30 days. Beyond that, this is a self-managed plan.
If you are looking for a more personalized coaching experience with strategy sessions, check-ins, and more frequent adjustments try our coaching options - set up a call today
Why do I need this? I have your calculator. 
Our Beyond Macros Calculator provides a quick strategy to set your own macros. However, the Macros and Meal Plan takes your experience to the next level by giving you a personalized plan carefully crafted by one of our certified coaches.
Calculating your macros is a small, albeit useful, piece of the puzzle. This plan goes beyond that by teaching you strategies to help you reach your goals, plus how to sustain your nutritional needs once you hit your target.

How personalized is my meal plan?
We provide you with a personalized food list, plus strategies for dining out, traveling, and snacking on the go. PLUS you get lots of our tried and true healthful recipes that taste amazing.

 But we don’t tell you exactly what to eat with every meal. We want to put the power in your hands by teaching you to make informed decisions about your food no matter what the situation is. Learn how to eat on the go, dine out, and make smart food choices when life gets busy.

I have dietary restrictions. Will this work for me?
Absolutely! During your initial assessments our coaches as you to list any dietary restrictions. We take that into careful consideration when putting your plan together so you feel confident eating in a way that works best for your body and lifestyle.
I get burned out easily with nutrition. Will you help me with this?
We totally get burn out and how boring dieting feels after a while. Our coaching strategies help overcome burnout by teaching you how to plan and manage eating in a way that’s simple, easy, and adaptable depending on what your life looks like on any given day.  
I literally have zero time to cook/track/report. Is this going to drive me crazy?
The great thing about Macros and Meal Planning is it requires no reporting to a coach. We give you the tools and strategies you need to take charge of your own eating in a way that works best for you.
This is a no-stress plan designed to simplify eating, while helping you reach your goals.
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