Performance Macros & 
Meal Planning Program
What You'll Get:
  • The exact calorie and macronutrient targets you need to fuel yourself to both perform and recover your best, calculated by a real Beyond Macros coach, so you KNOW they're personalized!
  •   How to adjust macros for rest vs. training days.
  •   A Personalized Meal Plan Template to help you know exactly what to eat to hit your macros that gives you different food options for variety so you don't get bored with food.
  •  Personalized notes from your coach about the plan & other strategies to reach your goal based on your intake questionnaire.
  • Our in-depth and easy to follow "how-to" document teaches you exactly how to count your macros AND adjust your numbers based on your progress and program.
  •  EIGHT delicious meals that fit your macros. We will send you simple and delicious meal prep recipes that fit your macros plus some ideas to spice them up so you don't get bored. We even have vegan options!
  •  What to do when you goals change. That's right, if your goals change our guide will teach you what's next so you don't get stuck in a plateau.
  •  PLUS if you need a revision to your macros by day 30, just let us know!
All just $147!!
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Hunter Added Muscle and Won Tough Mudder X Back-to-Back Seasons

Hunter got stronger and put on muscle by properly fueling himself during training. He was bonking on energy before, and by eating the right quantities of the right foods he put together back-to-back dominant performances at Tough Mudder X World Championships.

Chris Added Muscle And Had His Best Open Ever Despite Being in Nursing School!

Chris was experiencing an energy drop for his second session of the day, and would have to lie down after workouts for 10-minutes.
 He hit a major plateaus he couldn't get through in strength. He had a grip on macros, but not timing because of conflicting information.

Personalized macros gave him more energy to feel fresh for a second session and he is ready to go again 2-minutes after a WOD. He has hit PRs on all major lifts, and doesn't have to track anymore because he's developed his intuition.
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